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Building an Analytics Culture

Analytics has been growing in popularity over the past decade; and many organizations saw it as THE competitive advantage for the future.  So much so, that organizations have invested heavily into building such capabilities, which include investments in technology, training staff in analytics, hiring analytics talent.  However, many continue to struggle to realize sustainable value from analytics.

A 2019 survey of 65 Fortune 1000 companies revealed that leaders recognize the value of analytics for their organizations, but face challenges in analytics adoption and realizing many of the promised outcomes due to

  • Lack of organization alignment

  • Cultural resistance - not committed to making decisions or changes based on data

  • Understanding of how to strategically deploy analytics

  • Lack of leadership support - unclear of the role they should/could play in analytics

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About the workshop

This 1-day workshops aims to help leaders better appreciate what analytics is, how it should/could be deployed in organizations; and more importantly the role leaders could/should play along the analytics value chain.


Learning outcomes

  • Understand what analytics is and how it creates value in organizations

  • Appreciate the analytics process and how it is deployed to support informed decision making; and the role that leaders and culture play in the value chain

  • Appreciate when and how to deploy analytics under different situations…and when not to

  • Understand the key ingredients to building sustainable analytics capabilities and culture

  • Assess the state of analytics maturity and Identify key steps that could be deployed to advance the analytics agenda in your respective organizations

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Who should attend

  • Leaders of organizations who may be struggling in their analytics journey and are looking for a more structured approach

  • Leaders of organizations who are thinking of starting their own analytics journey and would like to find out more about how to plan and execute a structured plan


Logistics Requirements

Participants are required to bring their own internet enabled laptops. 

Workshops may be delivered virtually through ZOOM or in person

Image by Brett Jordan

Navigating the complicated analytics landscape

There are many buzzwords in the analytics landscape; understand the differences

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