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Data Visualization with Tableau

In this data age, the ability to extract value from data is a highly sought after by both individuals and organizations.  It takes hard technical skills to manage the large datasets and to extract insights from the data, but it eventually comes to naught unless the insights can be clearly and quickly communicated to the intended audience.  Data visualization provides a graphical representation of the data to communicate key insights quickly and effectively; even to those who are less numerically inclined.  To this end, data visualization has become an indispensable part of the analytics toolkit.  Tableau was cited as being one of the top data visualization tools in 2019 and 2020; consequently, Tableau skills are also fast becoming indispensable as well.     

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About the workshop

This 1 Day workshop aims to provide a broad but practical overview of the analytics value chain; with a focus on data visualization and role that it plays in it.  The workshop will also provide an introduction to Tableau; from which delegates will apply data visualization concepts using the software to explore large data sets, assemble data visualizations and build interactive dashboards.  Delegates will also be exposed the myriad tableau resources available in the market. 


Learning outcomes

  • Appreciate the impact that data visualization has on the realization of value in analytics; particularly in today’s data driven world

  • Understand the key principles and elements of building an impactful data visual

  • Understand the basics of Tableau navigation

  • Gain practical experience in creating key features of Tableau functionality such as charts, maps and animation

  • Develop an interactive dashboard and learn to gain insights from it

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Who should attend

  • Analysts or Professionals with Analytics responsibilities, who are looking to be more effective in presenting complex data to audiences

  • Managers responsible for managing and supervising a team of analysts

  • All other professionals with a keen interest in developing strong foundations in data analytics

  • Some prior knowledge in MS Excel and analytics could be helpful, but not required 


Logistics Requirements

Delegates are required to bring their laptops with Tableau (Tableau Desktop or Tableau Public) preinstalled. Tableau public users will also need to create an account on Tableau Public.

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Tools in Data Visualization

Appreciate the visual cues and tools available in Data Visualization

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