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HR Data Storytelling

One of the most overlooked and undervalued aspects along the analytics value chain is in the “last mile” of value; specifically, how to tell a concise, coherent, and compelling story from the data to drive decisions and actions.  While there is ample supply of hard skills and capabilities in many analytics functions; the softer skills of contextualization and storytelling are in much shorter supply, especially in HR.  In fact, Forbes had foresaw the emergence of this trends as early as 2016. 

“Data are just summaries of thousands of stories – tell a few of those stories to make the data meaningful.” Dan Heath, Duke University Fellow

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About the workshop

This 1 Day workshop aims to provide a broad but practical overview of the entire analytics value chain; with a focus on building a compelling narrative to get an audience to care and to act.  This includes organizing pivotal messages from data into a story, how a data story in a concise, coherent, and compelling fashions that makes an audience care.


Learning outcomes

  • Understand what HR analytics is, and the key ingredients for sustainable analytics

  • Understand the analytics value chain and the part that effective communications with data plays in delivering the “last mile” of value

  • Understand the key principles behind developing and telling a concise, coherent, and compelling story from HR data

  • Gain practical data storyboarding skills through a structured approach in the application through a case exercise

  • Translate the data storyboard in the case exercise into a presentation deck that tells a concise, coherent, and compelling story.

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Who should attend

  • Senior HR Leaders

  • HR Directors and Functional Heads

  • HR Business Partners

  • All other HR professionals who wish to know how to tell a compelling story from HR data


Logistics Requirements

Participants are required to bring their own laptops with MS Excel and Powerpoint (version 2013 or later) to participate in the data exercises

Workshops are delivered virtually through ZOOM

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Storytelling vs Data Storytelling

Appreciate the key differences and how to make data storytelling work

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