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Data Visualization for HR

As HR Analytics grows in popularity, more organizations are bringing more data and complexity into their analyses.  Increasingly, organizations are starting to face a different challenge – they are drowning in data but parched for information and insights. 

“Visualizing information is a form of knowledge compression.” David McCandless

Many are turning to data visualization as a means to

  • Compress knowledge and insights from complex data sets and analysis

  • Make such insights accessible and understandable, even to those who may be less comfortable with numbers

  • Communicate such insights to a broader audience

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About the workshop

This 1 Day workshop aims to provide a broad but practical overview of the entire analytics value chain; with a focus on leveraging data visualization to facilitate the analytics process and to communicate pivotal insights.  This includes building data visualizations directly from a database, selecting the right data visualization for the right message and building an interactive dashboard report.  


Learning outcomes

  • Understand what HR analytics is, and the key ingredients for sustainable analytics

  • Understand the analytics value and the part that effective communications with data plays in delivering the “last mile” of value

  • Appreciate the thought process as well as key technical and visual considerations to designing effective HR data visualizations

  • Appreciate the thought process as well as key technical and visual considerations to assembling data visualizations into coherent and impactful dashboards

  • Gain exposure to various analytical and visualization techniques and tools to glean insights from the data

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Who should attend

  • Senior HR Leaders

  • HR Directors and Functional Heads

  • HR Business Partners

  • All other HR professionals who wish to leverage data visualizations in HR


Logistics Requirements

Participants are required to bring their own laptops with MS Excel and Powerpoint (version 2013 or later) to participate in the data exercises

Workshops are delivered virtually through ZOOM

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Tools in Data Visualization

Appreciate the visual cues and tools available in Data Visualization

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