Three key ingredients to delivering consistent & realizable value  through analytics

Asking the right questions

THE most crucial step in any analytics project.  Getting it wrong here often leads to poor project ROI.  

connecting the dots to see the big picture

Pivotal insights often reside at the intersection of perspectives and data sets.  FYT takes a mutually exclusive yet comprehensively exhaustive approach to analytics to help clients see the big picture

Concise, coherent & compelling Story

Often overlooked and undervalued aspect of analytics.  Many a great analyses fall on deaf ears for failure to deliver a compelling narrative to decision makers


F&B Analytics

FYT has helped F&B clients leverage their POS data to gain objective insights to customer arrival and ordering patterns, and business performance

This allowed clients to make more informed staff scheduling, menu re-engineering and even marketing & promotion decisions

HR Analytics

FYT has helped kick start HR Analytics in many organizations across many sectors; by liberating HR data for analysis, designing interactive dashboards for self service analysis

This then opened new analytics opportunities for clients; including strategic workforce planning, turnover and hiring analytics, Human Capital Risk Management etc.

Business Analytics

For most organizations, analytics is usually deployed to support business outcomes.  FYT has helped our clients deploy analytics towards budgets, asset utilization, operations, target setting, business planning applications.  In most cases, clients have been pleasantly surprised by the impact it has on decisions in their organizations but also how they can now also do it for themselves


Internal data and analysis while informative, lacks context against the external market environment.  FYT also has capabilities in data driven research.  Clients have leveraged our capabilities to decide on strategic greenfield locations for investment, where to open manufacturing plants, key considerations when entering a new market and strategic benchmarking to support analyses