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Solving Problems with Data

“Analytics” has been a very hot buzzword in recent years; and has led many organizations and professionals to invest heavily in the topic.  But not many have it figured out; in fact, many continue to struggle to see returns on their investments.  This could stem for several factors:

  • Not understanding what analytics is, what it can and cannot do

  • Not having realistic expectations about what analytics can deliver and how it it creates value

  • Not understanding what it takes to succeed with data analytics

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About the workshop

This 2-day workshop is designed to provide a broad yet comprehensive overview of Data Analytics by introducing delegates to the analytics value chain; from defining the problem, to conducting analysis, making sense from the data, and finally building a compelling data story for decision making.  Delegates will not only be introduced to key concepts, but also get their hands dirty with large data sets and apply them in realistic business situations. 


Learning outcomes

  • Appreciate the Analytics value chain, and how it can be applied to help organizations objectively and quantifiably understand business issues through data.

  • Transform data into powerful insights in six simple steps and take away a structured analysis framework for action.

  • Develop a practical understanding of key statistical concepts relevant to analytics.

  • Learn how and when to leverage descriptive analyses to identify pivotal observations in data; and inferential analytics to explore relationships between variables.

  • Appreciate the thought process and technical and visual considerations to designing effective data visualizations and interactive dashboards.

  • Build a concise, coherent, and compelling data narrative to support decision making.

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Who should attend

  • Analysts or Professionals who looking to find out more about analytics.

  • Analysts or Professionals who looking to build basic skills in analytics.

  • Managers or Leaders who are looking to capitalize on the data advantage through a practical appreciation of the analytics value chain.

  • Managers or Leaders who are interested in building sustainable analytics capabilities or plan to start their analytics journey.

  • All other professionals with an interest in developing strong foundations in data analytics


Logistics Requirements

Participants are required to bring their own laptops with MS Excel and Powerpoint (version 2013 or later) to participate in the data exercises

Workshops are delivered virtually through ZOOM

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Navigating the complicated analytics landscape

There are many buzzwords in the analytics landscape; understand the differences

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