Most analytics workshops and certifications often focus on the hard data skills, related to data, programming and analysis.  However, this is not enough to build sustainable analytics capabilities that realize value from data.  FYT offers more than just analytics workshops, we offer a comprehensive analytics curriculum that is designed to build requisite skills across the entire analytics value chain; which include the hard data skills, but also the softer aspects such as data visualization and storytelling. 


The curriculum is organized into the four topics show below; which allows attendees to customize the workshops to suit their needs or to fill in specific gaps.  It also allows organizations to build the requisite breadth and depth of skills for sustainable analytics.   Other notable features include:

  • Building Skills - Adults learn better through practice and application.  50% of FYT workshops are dedicated to hands on exercises where students apply the concepts in realistic business settings.

  • Practical tips and examples - Being practitioners and not just trainers, FYT brings real life examples into our workshops, not cases anyone can find on the internet

  • Proven outcomes - FYTs workshops positively impact over 4,000 individuals annually; as evidenced by consistently positive student feedback

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“Fantastic clarity and very succinct. The trainer’s wealth of experience and expertise have been very valuable.”

“It refreshes my knowledge and appreciate stats again. It also helps to be able to identify issues into simple, complicated and complex problems.”