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Most analytics workshops and certifications often focus on the harder aspects in analytics; such data management, analysis and programming; but this is not enough. Many organizations are struggling realizing their investments in analytics because they lack the complementary soft data skill as well as a fundamental understanding of the analytics process.  This includes data visualization to make data insights accessible, data storytelling to deliver a compelling story to support decision making and most importantly how to frame problems for analytics in the first place.  FYTs comprehensive analytics curriculum spans the entire value chain; from the the fundamentals and the hard and soft skills. 





FYT also understands that these skills may not come as naturally to some.  It has been FYTs experience that skills building for adults occurs in hands-on practical application and practice.  All our workshops are designed with that in mind; where students will get to apply the concepts introduced in class in a realistic and contextualize setting to maximize application and retention.  Finally, FYTs workshops are modular in nature and organized along the value chain, allowing students todelegates to customize their learning journey to suit their needs.  It also allows organizations to build the breadth and depth of skills for sustainable analytics. 


Over 2,000 professionals benefit from FYTs curriculum annually, will you be one of our alumni? 

Explore FYTs virtual workshops in the link below.  Those who are looking for more customized workshops or would prefer a dedicated corporate workshop can contact us at for more information. 

"If you want to master a habit, the key is start with repetition, not perfection."

James Clear (Atomic Habits)


“FYTs data analytics workshop was practical and engaging. The trainer shared useful techniques, tips and shared relatable real life examples. Right after the course, I was able to create an interactive dashboard to share with the team.”

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