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Image by Dan DeAlmeida

"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion" 
- W. Edwards Deming

Objective and informed decision making is one of THE MOST reliable means of creating value in organizations.  And in today's data driven world and with today's data tools, this is a competitive advantage that organizations and individuals cannot afford to ignore.   

Despite being more than a decade since the term analytics was coined, organizations continue to struggle with capitalizing on the data advantage; specifically, being unable to liberate data for analytics, lack capabilities in managing and organizing data for analytics, conducting analysis and interpreting outcomes, and finally, communicating pivotal insights in a concise, coherent and compelling fashion to support informed decision making.  FYT can help.

Image by Joshua Sortino

At the core of FYT, we help our clients build sustainable analytics capabilities to capitalize on the data advantage.  This is accomplished through a comprehensive set of solutions and capabilities that span across the analytics value chain.  

Go Team

FYT unique value proposition would not be possible without our very qualified team of consultants; who are not just very effective trainers/coaches but are proven practitioners in analytics

Traditional Library

Data can shed new light on almost any topic, and we continue to prove this through our regular series of research articles that bring data to various topics of the day 

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