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FYT expertise extends beyond the classroom to address real world problems.  We help our clients build solutions and capabilities to build a data advantage.  See how we have helped clients in the case examples below.  Contact us to explore IF and HOW FYT can help



Pivotal insights from POS data   

Transactional data holds many pivotal insights, but are often hard to get to due to the complexity and sheer size of the data set.  On this project , FYT made business insights accessible through an interactive dashboard tool that plugged directly to their POS system. Click here to see what insights you can find   


People insights at your fingertips

HR came to the analytics game a little late and data has not been the forte for the function.  In this project, FYT helped build sustainable HR Analytics capabilities in their organization, by making HR insights accessible through interactive reports supplemented by training to help them make the most out of the dashboard solution.  Click here to see a demo version.   

Demo HR Dashboard.jpg
SG Pop trend.jpg


Data driven policy making

Public data is a great source of macro insights about almost any topic; but they are often sitting across different sources, in different formats and not harmonized for analysis.  FYT has helped government agencies conduct necessary analysis to guide/support relevant public policies

Tropical Leaves

Past satisfied clients

Infocom Authority of Singapore
Pahtama Group
National University of Singapore
Danone Hong Kong

Public Service Division of Singapore
Yayasan Mendaki

Ministry of Manpower
Korn Ferry
Table Manners
Boehringer Ingleheim
Ministry of Home Affairs

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