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It takes more than hard skills to succeed with Analytics
It also requires the right soft skills and contextual knowledge to deliver value in analytics 

We have the experience and know-how that you need.

Image by Victor Freitas

FYTs comprehensive analytics curriculum spans the entire analytics value chain; from the hard data skills to the softer data visualization and storytelling skills.  Unlike other workshops on the same topic which are largely theoretical in nature, FYT workshops are designed to build analytics skills through hands on exercises using the analytics tools of the trade right in our workshops.   

Image by Jay Ee

FYTs expertise extends beyond the classroom to solving real world problems for our clients.  Clients value FYTs extensive experience and practical approach to develop and deliver sustainable analytics solutions.  

Image by Lukas Blazek
"The trainer was fantastic in delivering this course, with the energy and enthusiasm he brought. Conducting this via zoom has increased challenges yet it was done so smoothly. I never thought that Data analytics could be learnt in such a layman yet interesting way"
"The consultant did a great job explaining statistical concepts and their practical applications in the real world - in a way that the layman can understand...and achieved the intended objective of getting our team to think about data driven problem solving" 
“Really enjoyed the course - it's been the most enjoyable of my career so far! Thanks for all your efforts in engaging with us and sharing your analytics knowledge :)”
"Illustrations of visual data applications using real data and case studies provided insights on how technology & techniques can be used.  Hands on exercises helped to reinforce learning. A very well curated programme"
"The Trainer was really clear and knowledgeable regarding any data related information. The things taught throughout the course will definitely help me for my
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