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BA01 - Data Managenent and Reporting

Organizing, transforming and managing data for Analytics

  • 500 Singapore dollars
  • ZOOM

Service Description

The analytics value chain really starts with data; data that is curated and extracted across disparate sources, cleaned, validated, processed, and stored in a manner that is accessible for analytics. A lot of work goes into data management and processing before analytics can even start. Many think that this is requires programmers' or IT's responsibilities; and without their support, data management is beyond them and as a result data analytics is just as far. But with the tools available today on most laptops; it is surprising what can be accomplished with the right skills. This 1 Day workshop aims to provide an overview of the analytics value chain, with a specific focus on role that data management and processing plays in it. Delegates will get the opportunity to get their hands “dirty” with large data sets and experience what it takes to organize, transform and manage data support Analytics. By the end of the workshop, students will build an interactive Business Dashboard report that supports self service analytics as well as how to update and maintain it when new data is available. Learning outcomes - Understand the the analytics value chain, how it creates value for organizations and the role that data management and reporting plays in it - Learn how to merge multiple data tables, find and fix data errors, calculate new data fields, organize data for efficiency in analytics. - Learn to quickly find answers to question with the data process in class with Pivot tables - Learn to build and maintain interactive Business Dashboard reports that help the wider organization find answers for themselves. Technical Requirements - In the interest of helping students build the requisite skills, much of the workshop will be application based, where students practice their skills on the most popular analytics platform - MS Excel - Students will be required have their own internet accessible laptops with MS Excel (2016 or later) and ZOOM installed.

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Cancellation Policy

Should any student be unable to attend the workshop for any reason and informs FYT Consulting at least 2 days prior to the commencementof the workshop; they would be scheduled for the next run of the same workshop. If the student is unable to attend and did not inform FYT Consulting, a recorded video of the workshop will be provided in lieu of attendance. No refund will be provided

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