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BA02 - Data Mining and Analysis

Separating facts from suspicions in Data

  • 500 Singapore dollars
  • ZOOM

Service Description

One of the key benefits of Analytics is the ability to glean objective insights from data, as opposed to opinions, suspicions and guesses; allowing organizations to identify and respond to real issues and not “imaginary” ones. This requires quantitative skills to mine the data for objective and pivotal insights; much of it grounded in statistics which may not be a common competency in many teams or organizations. This 1 Day workshop provides an overview of the analytics value chain, and the role that Data Mining and Analysis plays in it. Many people have many opinions about the causes of problems, but not many have the capabilities to distinguish between real causes of problems versus imagined ones. This workshop will teach students how to define problems for analytics, develop hypotheses for potential causes the problem and learn how leverage data to prove or disprove each hypothesis before arriving at a conclusion, if any. Learning outcomes - Understand the analytics value chain and process and the role that data mining and analysis plays in it - Appreciate that there are two types of analytics - Descriptive and Inferential - Learn how to describe data accurately and how to conduct descriptive analysis to understand the current state of the workforce. Includes understanding data types, central tendency & variation - Learn what inferential analysis is and when to use; to make reliable estimations with limited data (sampling), to test and interpret hypotheses. - Gain exposure to the various methods available and when to use them; including T-Test, Chi-Square tests, Correlations and Multiple regression methods all illustrated with realistic use cases Technical Requirements - In the interest of helping students build the requisite skills, much of the workshop will be application based, where students practice their skills on the most popular analytics platform - MS Excel - Students will be required have their own internet accessible laptops with MS Excel (2016 or later) and ZOOM installed.

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Cancellation Policy

Should any student be unable to attend the workshop for any reason and informs FYT Consulting at least 2 days prior to the commencementof the workshop; they would be scheduled for the next run of the same workshop. If the student is unable to attend and did not inform FYT Consulting, a recorded video of the workshop will be provided in lieu of attendance. No refund will be provided

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