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BA05 - Introduction to Tableau

Making Data Insights impactful and accessible

  • 500 Singapore dollars
  • ZOOM

Service Description

In today’s data-driven landscape, the capability to derive value from vast datasets is more critical than ever. However, the journey from data to decision is fraught with challenges. Despite possessing the technical skills to manage and analyze large datasets, the true potential of these insights often remains untapped due to the inability to communicate them effectively. Picture this: You've spent countless hours extracting critical insights from your data, only to hit a wall when it comes to sharing these findings with your team or stakeholders. The gap between analysis and action widens, as valuable insights lay dormant, obscured by complex data that many find daunting. This bottleneck not only slows down decision-making but also diminishes the impact of your hard work. In this 1-day workshop, we will bridge the gap between data and decision with the power of visualization. In just one day, gain a comprehensive understanding of the analytics value chain, emphasizing the crucial role of data visualization. Tableau, recognized as a leading data visualization tool in recent years, is at the heart of this workshop. Learning outcomes - Understand the the analytics value chain, how it creates value for organizations and the role that data visualization plays in it -- Understand the key principles and elements of building an impactful data visual - Understand the basics of Tableau navigation - Gain practical experience in creating key features of Tableau functionality such as charts, maps and animation - Develop an interactive dashboard and learn to gain insights from it Technical Requirements - Students will be required have their own internet accessible laptops with MS Excel (2016 or later) ZOOM and Tableau Public installed. - Students may use their own Tableau Desktop if they have liceses of their own. FYT does not recommend attending this workshop with the web version of Tableau

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Should any student be unable to attend the workshop for any reason and informs FYT Consulting at least 2 days prior to the commencementof the workshop; they would be scheduled for the next run of the same workshop. If the student is unable to attend and did not inform FYT Consulting, a recorded video of the workshop will be provided in lieu of attendance. No refund will be provided

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