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Most analytics workshops and certifications often focus on the harder aspects in analytics; such data management, analysis and programming; but this is not enough. Many organizations are struggling realizing their investments in analytics because they lack the complementary soft data skill; such as data visualizations to make data insights accessible, and data storytelling to deliver a compelling story to support decision making.


FYTs comprehensive analytics curriculum spans the entire value chain; from hard to soft skills to help our clients build sustainable capabilities.  FYTs workshops are modular in nature and organized along the value chain.  It allows delegates to customize their learning journey to suit their needs.  It also allows organizations to build the breadth and depth of skills for sustainable analytics.  Over 4,000 professionals benefit from FYTs curriculum annually, will be one of our alumni? 

Explore our entire curriculum through the interactive visualization below; you can check and/or sign up for upcoming workshops just below that.   

FYTs Analytics Value Chain

Image by Mika Baumeister


Without data, analytics cannot start.  It takes  specific skills to manage & prepare data for analytics

Image by Raimond Klavins


Data holds many pivotal insights, it takes the right methods and tools to tease out and interpret these insights  

Image by Alexander Schimmeck


The value of analytics is only realized when decisions are made based on data driven insights


“FYTs data analytics workshop was practical and engaging. The trainer shared useful techniques, tips and shared relatable real life examples. Right after the course, I was able to create an interactive dashboard to share with the team.”

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