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FYT inaugural public workshop on Workforce Analytics

During the course of consulting over the last 2 years as FYT Consulting, there have been many requests from our clients for a public workshop on workforce analytics where they can send their staff (or themselves) not only to get a better and more structured understanding of workforce analytics,but also to get exposure to FYTs unique and practical approach making analytics actionable.

As of 29 July 2016, FYT launched our first publicly run workshop on workforce analytics in partnership with NTUC LearningHub. The inaugural class of 15 was introduced to several of key foundation concepts necessary in workforce analytics:

  • What workforce analytics is

  • Analytics maturity and chain

  • The key components of a sustainable analytics programme

  • And hands-on interactive business simulations whereby students get to apply the concepts

Judging by responses and feedback from the class, it was well received and helped meet a gaping need in the market. FYT will be conducting more of such course through our partners. We're looking forward to a strong working relationship with NTUC LearningHub as well as the opportunity to empower more in HR through analytics

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