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2D Data Visualization and Storytelling

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the analytics value chain and the role that Data Storytelling plays in delivering the “last mile” of value.

  • Understand the key principles and tools behind developing and telling a concise, coherent, and compelling story from the data.

  • Appreciate the process of identifying pivotal insights from data; with through mining of raw data tables, using interactive dashboards, more often with both methods.

  • Learn to leverage storyboards to convert pivotal insights into key messages and organizing key messages into a coherent narrative.

  • Appreciate the thought process in identifying the right data visualization to convey each key message.

  • Translate the storyboard in the case exercise into a presentation deck that tells a concise, coherent, and compelling story.

  • Appreciate the key considerations when delivering the presentation; including how to address questions, interruptions, and disagreements.


If you're interested in other Analytics related topics, you can find our entire workshop curricula here.

If you're interested in conducting the workshop series for your organization, you may contact us here for more details.

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