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Data Driven Policy Making at IPOS International

Thrilled to share an enlightening experience from March 15, 2024, where I had the privilege of conducting a workshop on "Data-Driven Policy Making" for IPOS International. We dove deep with a diverse group of policy makers from around the world, unraveling the power of data in sculpting public policy.

Our journey began with challenging preconceived biases - an essential step towards opening our minds to the unbiased truths that data reveals before setting the policy agenda. The heart of our workshop was to explore the intricate thought process behind leveraging data not just for developing public policies but also for evaluating their effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

I had the opportunity to share how Singapore leverages data to guide its public policies successfully. The stories of transformation and progress through data-driven decisions inspired all of us, proving that when policies are informed by data, the possibilities for positive change are limitless.

The engagement and insightful discussions with policymakers from various backgrounds highlighted the universal relevance of data in making informed decisions that can lead to impactful societal changes.

I'm incredibly grateful for the exchange of ideas and the commitment to improvement shown by every participant. Let's continue to create policies that not only serve but also empower our communities globally.

If you're a policy maker and are interested to find out how you can leverage data to shape public policy, reach out and contact us. 

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