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Upcoming FYT HR Analytics Workshops

In the complex world of Human Resources, a goldmine of data from recruitment to retirement hides insights that can revolutionize HR strategy and operations. However, this crucial data often remains scattered and unanalyzed, tucked away in files and databases, making strategic decision-making a daunting task for HR professionals.

Consider the countless hours HR teams spend wrestling with data—compiling reports, tracking compliance, and forecasting workforce needs—only to grapple with information that's outdated the moment it's finally understood. This not only stalls strategic HR initiatives but also hampers the organization's agility in responding to workforce dynamics.

Enter FYT's "HR Data Management and Reporting" workshop. Tailored exclusively for HR professionals, this one-day course is designed to transform your approach to HR data. Learn how to navigate the vast seas of HR data with MS Excel, creating dynamic, actionable reports that cater to diverse management needs. From automating the tedious tasks of data consolidation to refreshing complex reports with a single click, you'll gain the skills to turn raw HR data into strategic insights.

This workshop is your gateway to elevating HR's role within the organization through data-driven decision-making, ensuring you stay ahead in managing your most valuable asset—your people.

Workshop Date - 9 May 2024, 9am - 5pm (SG TIME)

Venue: Virtual


Decision-making in business is at a critical juncture where the reliance on subjective judgment calls is being challenged by the undeniable power of objective, data-driven insights. Yet, the leap from intuition to analytics is hindered by a common barrier: the intimidating complexity of statistical analysis, often perceived as beyond reach for those not well-versed in quantitative skills.

The gap between the potential of data analytics and its application in everyday business decisions widens with every missed opportunity and misdirected strategy that stems from guesswork. This divide is further exacerbated by the daunting nature of statistics, which, for many, remains shrouded in academic jargon and complexity. As Jim Barksdale aptly noted, without data, we default to opinions—a precarious foundation for any strategic decision in today’s data-centric world.

Enter FYTs "Data Mining and Analysis" workshop, a beacon for those looking to navigate the analytics value chain without getting lost in the statistical wilderness. Scheduled for an immersive one-day experience, this workshop demystifies the statistical concepts and approaches in an accessible manner, tailor-made for laypeople. Participants will engage with real-world datasets, employing analytical concepts to extract objective insights, all presented in a language that resonates with non-experts. By the workshop's conclusion, you’ll be empowered to transform raw data into actionable intelligence, making the transition from speculative decision-making to strategies anchored in data-driven certainty.

This workshop is your gateway to unlocking the transformative power of data analytics, presented in a way that bridges the gap between statistical theory and practical application. Join us to elevate your strategic decisions from the realm of speculation to the solid ground of informed insight.

Workshop Date - 13 June 2024, 9am - 5pm (SG TIME)

Venue: Virtual


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