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FYT Foundational HR Analytics workshop conducted in partnership with MDIS

There has been a growing interest in HR in recent years; among new and current HR practitioners as well as organizations. However, not many organisations are doing it right due to a combination of technical, cultural and capabilities factors. One of the key factor is the lack of analytics talents among the HR team. While organisations may utilise external contractors to jump start its analytics journey or work in specific analytics projects, the potential of HR analytics can only be sustainable if the organisation is able to build such capabilities internally.

FYT will be conducting a foundational HR analytics program (one-day) in partnership with MDIS on 14 Nov 2017, aimed at HR professionals and managers who are in their early stage of HR analytics journey. The program focuses on building foundational understanding about the concepts of HR analytics, the key components and building blocks of HR analytics, and the applications of HR analytics to inform, explain and guide decision making.

Following the link to start your own HR analytics journey.

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