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FYT workshops are now virtual

Like many other enterprises, COVID19 has severly impacted many in the training and consulting sector. For the most part, training and consulting is a high touch business; it is the personal approach that allows our sector to subtly understand our client's issues, understand trainees challenges and influence both clients and trainees behaviours towards optimal outcomes.

In a typical year, FYT helps over 4,000 experienced professionals build practical analytics skills that are in high demand across the region. While the ongoing COVID19 related restrictions on distancing and travel has made it challenging, FYT has not remained idle; we have been adapting to continue pursuing our mission to build analytics capabilities for our clients. We are happy to announce that, in partnership with Aventis School of Management, FYT has developed new new modular virtual workshops based on our existing materials. Specifically in the following topics (click the links to find out more):

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