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FYT Consulting Services in the Age of AI

Even as AI, particularly Generative AI, is setting the business world abuzz, leading many to believe that AI can do many things without human intervention. While this statement is true for some simple and repetitive tasks that were thought to be impossible for machines, it is less true in the context of data analytics. For example:

  • AI wouldn't know what questions to ask, nor what hypotheses to consider

  • While AI can conduct some of the analysis, calculations and coding, it cannot make sense or contextualize the the outcomes of the analysis

  • AI is also unable to build concise, coherent and compelling data story to help organizations make informed decisions.

AI will change how things get done going forward, but it doesn't change what needs to be done. In the coming months, FYT will be updating our analytics curricula to reflect how analytics will be done in the age of AI. This will better equip our students and clients to better navigate data analytics to complement AI.

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