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Making HR Reporting Faster and less Painful

HR professionals are a very busy lot, their work touches the entire employee life cycle; from selecting and onboarding new hires, to facilitating employee exits for any reason and everything in between during employment (training, development, promotion, performance). In helping to manage the most precious resource in any organization - Human Capital, they often neglect or lack the time to develop themselves. Amid all the fires they need to fight on a daily basis, where can they find time and capacity to focus on the work that matters? 

Like any job today, HR is also expected to evolve and adapt to digitization and build relevant data skills to keep adding value in their function and to the organization. HR functions spend a tremendous amounts of resources to manage their employee data for transactional purposes; and in many cases they are also required to provide headcount reports to help leaders appreciate and manage their human capital risks. 

In partnership with Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF)FYT Consulting had the opportunity to build practical HR Data skills to a diverse group of HR professionals through Jeremy Poon. More specifically, how to turn collect, process and transform disparate HR Data into an interactive HR dashboard on the most popular analytics tool in the world - MS Excel. During the workshop, students learned many tips and tricks to be more efficient and effective in managing HR Data and capabilities available on MS Excel to build HR Dashboards with similar features as more expensive platforms. 

In so doing, FYT Consulting hopes to help HR professionals improve their productivity, spend less time on less value adding activities, thus freeing time to do what matters most. 

Check out the next workshops in the series:

  • HR Data Visualization with PowerBI on 2 Apr 2024

  • HR Data Mining and Analysis on 2 May 2024

Hope to see you there!!

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