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New developments at FYT Consulting

At our core, FYT is in the business of helping our clients built sustainable and practical analytics capabilities through our range of workshops, research or even analytics solutions. To that end, FYT Consulting has been busy building new capabilities and offerings

for our clients; notably:

  • FYT launched our Analytics Academy in July 2023. Now past as well as new students to FYTs well known analytics workshops are now available on virtual format directly from FYTs website. The workshops span FYTs entire analytics value chain; from data management & reporting, data mining & analysis, data visualization and data storytelling. Find out more here

  • FYT then expanded our workshop offerings to include HR or Workforce Analytics which also span the entire analytics value chain. More notably, IHRP has accredited several of FYTs HR analytics workshops for skills badging. That is, attendees of FYT workshops would eligible for skills badges that can be put towards maintain their IHRP certification. In fact, FYT issued our first IHRP skills badges in people analytics just last month in August 2023. For more information on the IHRP skills badge, please click here

  • FYTs founder, Derrick Yuen, was featured on GNOWBE's Create 2023 event which featured many other content creators; where FYT got the opportunity to showcase how our workshops could be delivered over the Gnowbe platform. But as per our usual style, the data and the FYT facilitator were the stars; and the attendees learned something new about the world around them. See the highlights for yourself here

  • FYT has also been featured in several Linkedin collaborative articles written by AI (ChatGPT) and enhanced by professionals. An interesting concept for sure, and it is unclear as to how Linkedin's AI selects their contributors; but it would be interesting to see if there is traction and where this will go. See more here

More developments are in the pipeline and we hope to see you at one of our classes or events soon.

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