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Facilitating objective discussions through data

FYT Consulting was featured on Singapore national television yet again. Talking Point, a current affairs programs in Singapore, invited FYT consulting to the show to provide objective and data driven perspective on the topic of Stay-At-Home parents; their impact to the economy and what it might take to facilitate their transition back to workforce. While FYT Consulting is clearly not an authority on the issue of stay-at-home parents, FYT contributed to the discussion by providing objective context to the discussion. Key highlights include:

- As of 2014, there are an estimated 295,000 stay-at-home caregivers in Singapore; of which 97% are female.

- Relatively consistent labor participation rates by gender up to aged 29; beyond which, increasing proportions of women exit the workforce.

- There is a perception that significant number of stay-at-home parents are degree holders and represent a significant opportunity cost to the economy. Data indicate that degree holders only make up about 10% of those outside the workforce (degree holders make up about 33% of the workforce)

To see the full discussion click on the image below:

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