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Closing the "last mile" of value in analytics

Analytics is now considered a core capability in many organizations today. As such, many individuals and organizations have invested heavily in building such capabilities; however, many continue to struggle to realize sustainable value from analytics.

Much of the investments have been focused on building the “hard” data skills related to analytics; such as statistics, data engineering, data management, analysis etc. Part of the reason why many organizations fall short lies in the “last mile” of realizing value from analytics; more specifically, how to glean pivotal messages from data, how to make large & complex data sets accessible and how to structure and tell a story from the data that makes the audience care.

FYT had the opportunity to help organizations close this very gap just last week. FYTs 2 day "Data Visualization and Storytelling" was a resounding success; where delegates were exposed to frameworks and processes to selecting the right chartforms to best convey their intended message, learnt how to build infographics, even build their own interactive dashboards. And finally, they had to convey all their findings in a concise, coherent and compelling fashion to decision makers to realize value from analytics.

Many thanks to all the delegates across the Asia Pacific region as well as our training partners - Strategic Vision Group. Looking forward to more of such workshops.

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