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Analytics training needs for the Singapore Public Service

FYT Consulting was very privileged to have been invited to speak at the Civil Service College on 27 July 2016. FYT presented to staff from across 5 different institutes housed within the Civil Service College of Singapore who are responsible for meeting the training and development needs for the various agencies across the Singapore Public Service.

During the hour long session, FYT help the audience better understand:

  • What analytics really is

  • How other hot analytics buzzwords relate to analytics (e.g. big data, data science, data mining etc.)

  • The analytics value chain as well as the stakeholders therein (analytics producer, analytics consumer, leadership)

  • And how to best leverage capabilities in analytics for the Singapore Public Service

Leveraging FYTs signature approach of using everyday analogies and laymen terms, it made the topic of analytics more accessible to the audience. Judging from the responses, questions and conversations that followed, it was well received. FYT looks forward to building on our relationship with the Civil Service College.

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